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58ο ΧΛΜ Αθηνών -Λαμίας, 32009 Σχηματάρι
Leader in the HDPE & LDPE polyethylene products industry.

Global Green SA is a purely Greek and rapidly growing company, specialized in the production of plastics. Joining forces with important and experienced partners has managed in a short time to gain a very important position in the market.

Global Green SA now has facilities of 6,600 sq.m. (Modern production unit of Schimatari plastic barrel and bag 5,500 sq.m. in an area of ​​14 acres, as well as a raw material regeneration unit 1,100 sq.m. in an area of ​​10 acres).

Now owning the MORNO large barrel production machine and investing in electromechanical equipment for the production of a general purpose bag, it acquired industrial customers covering a wide range of products, both in packaging and dimensions, as well as in quantities.

The quality assurance of the produced products is done with extensive daily inspections of our laboratories, in addition to the standard inspections

The company places great emphasis on the quality of raw materials, the production process, the quality of the final product, but also on the storage of its products if they have to do with food packaging.

The know-how and the experienced and specialized potential of the company, guarantee the immediate response and satisfaction of the needs of its customers with quality, reliability and consistency.

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About us
A brief introduction to GlobalGreen
Globalgreen's mission is to become a leading manufacturer of polyethylene products in Greece.
We believe that continuous investment in people is our corporate responsibility and offers real benefits to the business.
Globalgreen has the lead over its competitors by having a dedicated and specialized professional team.
We are one of the leading producers of quality polyethylene plastics in the region and we are trying to grow further.
Special professional team

The GlobalGreen Plastic factory has carefully selected a professional and specialized team.

Modern machines

Updated and well maintained machines for our product line.

Excellent services

We are committed to providing valuable products and services to our customers.

Are you looking for a reliable and stable partner?
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